Saturday, February 7, 2015

Still At The Botton Rung Of Your Staircase?

Coming back here and browsing through those articles written before certainly brings back fond memories of the day I started this very first blog. 

 I had very much wanted to become successful and hopefully through this blog, make lots of money online. However, the reality after 6 odds years is that it is NEVER EASY to make money online if you have done nothing about it in the first place. 

Although I have not made lots of money online but the time spent on the web is definitely worth it.  I had gained knowledge and skill that was beyond my expectations. 

Now I am able to set up WordPress blogs to promote any products that I have without the need to refer to a manual or anything. I am able to generate a website strictly for selling one of my technical video course for internet marketing beginners.

I am able to creates an autoresponder for name list building and all the whats-not about Internet Marketing and many others. It was fortunate that I persist in my learning even though its tough. In fact, the learning process is so much shorten these days due to better programs and software's out there. Everything for the beginner's today is like a short-cut process in my perspective.

Anyway, have you done enough future-based events, like what I have did 6 odds year before, to gained more skill or competency in your life?

If not, then are you still at the bottom rung of your staircase? Then it will be a sad state of affair.

As for my achievement so far, I would think I am already in the middle rung of the staircase and approaching the upper rung as I have planned to do so.

If you are still wondering what I can do for you now, visit my personal blog today and see if there is anything that we can work together for the betterment of our future.

I have the intention to help you in anyway I can so just act on it for now.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Computer Learning for Beginners

I was so busy rushing to launch my website for the past weeks that I totally forgets to update my blog.

Nevertheless I have completed the skeletons of the Topics which is necessary for my website and I know its sufficient enough for those who are new to computer.

My purpose of the website is to provide you with enough information so that you can understand its Lingo as well its functionality that will enable you to communicate more efficiently with the technical support personnel who is attending to your service call.

It is on its maiden voyage and I do appreciate any feedbacks or comments that you have for my site so that it can be a better place for all to see. However, I will not dwell too technically regarding some topics as I feel that the web has plenty of such sites.

This site will be suitable for people as follows :

a. Those who have never touch a computer system before but need to handle it now

b. Those who only play games when they are younger but need to use it for school project or whatsoever now

c. Those who are handling computer at present moment but are too shy to ask around for fear of being ridiculed or scolded for being un-knowledgeable.

d. For those who are learning computer but are frightened off by those very technical related websites. The simplicity of the contents here will give you a rough idea what a computer is.

I also include a Topic called "Make Money" to highlight how anyone including YOU can actually make use of your computer and knowledge to make some money whilst on the Internet. It is not meant to be a detailed tutorial on any single topic but enough for you to understand how anyone can make full use of the opportunities especially during a time like this.

As I have been doing this home-based business for quite a while now, I truly belief that the information within this website will help anyone to is looking for an alternative way of making money.

Why not visit my website if you are new to computer and want to learn a thing or two.

God speed !