Wednesday, October 15, 2008

360 Degree Swing

After viewing this morning activities on the Stock Market, the feeling just feel sucks. One day its going up and before you knew it, its coming down on another day. As a result, I skimmed through the web searching for some kind of inspiration to enlighten the day ahead. By some co-incidence, I came across a Video that not only did not improve the feeling I've already had but it intensify it so much that I can feel the adrenaline flows in my body until I almost have a sweaty palm. Nevertheless, I do feel better now.

I think that as far as one is enduring enough, everyone will still comes back in full circle in whatever they are trying to overcome. The financial situation worldwide will definitely turn around to where we were 2 to 3 months ago if not, better next time round. So be patient in whatever you are doing.

Now is the time to think deep into what exactly we want for our near future, be it for our family or for ourselves. If the job or business that you are doing now seems precarious, try looking for other opportunities that can generate some extra income. Move out of your comfort zone and start learning something that relate strongly to your niche. Perhaps, you are good in sales or perhaps you are strong in helping people, you will not know unless you start asking around or identifying for yourself what you are strong in.

There are plenty of ways to make money out there, its just a matter of choices. Look around you everyday as you travel around the city, you will find people selling newspaper and magazines, selling fruits, selling curry puffs, selling ice-cream and many many more. There are also people who rather work from home like fitting components supplied by factory, sorting promotional articles for an event that is printed by the printing firm, generating work of arts or musics and for the technical savvy group of people including me - searching for Internet Marketing Opportunities on the web. To me this is FREE Business which you can embark on, only if you can make yourself walk out of your comfort zone.

How you decide to make that extra income is really up to you because the best opportunities or job can still fall on your lap provided you are hungry for it. God also cannot help anyone if they don't help themselves !

MLM -- Bad or Good ?

Have you heard people talk about MLM being a scam businesses ? I believed there are many, especially those around you and people whom you call friends or relatives. But upon further clarification of the statement, I can guarantee you that majority of them will say that they HEARD it from some other sources, which can also be untrue and non-verified.

What exactly is MLM ?

It is called Multi-Level Marketing also commonly known as Network Marketing today. Multi-Level marketing is the same thing as Direct Sales, yet no one ever questions about the integrity of these direct sales companies.

Some of these MLM companies identify themselves as Direct Sales, Network Marketing, Consumer Direct Marketing or People-to-People Marketing. No matter how you categorize it, they all do the same thing! They Sell products or services and their intention are to bring new people into the business so that that the group can grow to earn bonuses and additional incentives.

Depending on the marketing plan of the company involved, you earn money from your group effort and are paid accordingly to the various levels of activities involved. Everyone that joins you or sponsored by you can generated income on their own, as such they are also known as Independent Business Owner or Distributors.

In order to make money, they function as their own Sales Unit doing their marketing or sales of products by using a common system that the group or you would have created. Since all the level of your distributors are in marketing and sales, it is usually referred as Multi-Level Marketing !

As in any industries, there are bound to have bad apples that spoilt the basket. Needless to say, it occurs in the MLM industry too. Some leaders resort to all sorts of tactic just to make the money they want without due hesitation to others suffering. Some of these leaders were actually terminated by the company concerned. When they left the business, they start to bad-mouth the industry thus causing all the mis-conception you heard today. Of course there are some distributors after failing to make it successfully in the business also started to give false advises to their family and friends. As with any business, success does not happen over night.

Look around you ! There are some businesses that performed much worse than a MLM company but no one "crucified" them like they did to any MLM company.

My advise is that you must find out the facts about Network Marketing before jumping into conclusion. Does this FREE eBook by Ann Sieg looks negative to you ? 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing. I would recommend you to read it !

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Must I do Now ?

With non-stop bad news coming from all the media that you can think of during the past few days, it clearly tells you that whatever income you are generating from a single source can be easily compromised.

For instance, if I am working for a huge company that was already in the news about its financial situation then I would be very worried about what must I do next. You cannot possibly be always "hoping" that everything will be fine. Look at Lehman Brother which has collapse, who would expect it to happen so suddenly ?

As the world financial woes takes root, more companies will find ways to enlighten their financial burden as such they will off-load those people who are considered "redundant" and "non-profitable" to the company. Its like in the old days, when a ship is encountering a very serious storm and in order not get sunk, they start to throw away those least important inventories so as to lighten the load of the ship.

What's make you so sure you are not the next person ? We must not delude ourselves that the situation will be better in the short term as no one can predict what is happening right now. Instead, I will look for an alternative way of making money so that I will not be caught in a dead end situation.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for the grabbing. Take up those jobs that the government claims we do not want, or we can identify what strong niche we have and offer it to those in need of that service, or we can start a small and simple business that does not need a high overhead to begin with. Most important of all, we must be willing to ask around for these opportunities and when you have it, you must be willing to learn.

The only way to become what you want to become is to DO IT and to take consistent action on your hopes, goals, dreams and desires. Inaction is what keeps you stuck in where you are. So, learn to raise yourself from Inaction to In Action !