Thursday, September 11, 2008

Do I need a business ?

Not many people understand the need to own a business. In fact, majority of people don’t even consider it as an option for changing their life.

Some people love their jobs so much that they don’t consider them work !

There are some who does not have the guts to venture outside their comfort zone and their only excuse is “ I love my job !” or “ I don’t have time or energy to try something new ! “

These are the people who will always be complaining about their bosses, or colleagues, or other problem at work. They usually see themselves as unappreciated or they are surrounded by a situation that seems to make their life difficult.

Author Bill Quain of “Overcoming Time Poverty” wrote :

“Fit your job into your life – not, your life into your job “

He encouraged us to use our job to satisfy our basic needs, but don’t look there for self-actualization.

We must learn to cover the basics at work, but use our free time to find true fulfillment outside work.

Our average working time in life is about 40 years, so do you want to go from situation where you had money, but no time to a situation ( later in life ) where you have plenty of time, but limited money ?

Do you want to be working in Fast food or Retail outlets at a ripe age of 65 and above ?

One possible game plan is to get involved in a business ! as early as possible.

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