Monday, December 15, 2008

Bill Gate Retirement

When I was referred to this link regarding the video that was produced for Bill Gate's retirement I was not sure if I want to embed it here as a Blog content. However after viewing it, it reminds me of the day when I was leaving a company that I had worked for a period of time.

I feel reluctant and sad but at the same time, excited over my next opportunity that I am venturing on. My fellow colleagues become extra nice or attentive and I wonder whether I have made the right decision to leave the company.

Let me assure you that this is a natural part of life in the working arena. In due time, all these nice colleagues will "lost touch" with you as they go about with their daily life. Unless you are still in the same area of business where you still have to contact each other otherwise be prepared that you will start having a new group friends or colleagues after 3 to 6 months.

I have gone through this cycle so much that I no longer feel so emotionally attached regarding the situation. Life goes on with or without you !

Anyway, if you cannot fathom what I am trying to convey, see this video that Bill Gate played for his farewell CES note that imagined what life will be on his last day at work ( Jan 16th 2008 ). Its pretty funny and hilarious with so many guest stars and what-nots.

To retire very rich like Bill Gate is a dream that many people want and I personnally hope to be able to retire with some residual income so that I do not have to work till the age of 70 and onwards.

I hope you enjoy the video and Have A Wonderful Christmas !

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