Saturday, September 20, 2008

Factors that make people want to do a business !

The past few days was not a very typical day due to the turmoil in the financial markets…….and probably for many of the readers out there too…..

Some people may feel that this is not the right time to commit to attending any event that claims to be able to change your future.

The truth is just the opposite!. With so many unforeseen circumstances happening in the market, the banks and even many others industries … it is the right time that you MUST make a commitment to building your own financial future through some form of business.

Remember, nothing happens without action.

To find out why there are people who want to do business or what is your Life’s purpose, this simple Quiz will show you where you’re at the moment :

1. I sometimes feel that there is something missing in life.
2. I don’t felt much joy in my life.
3. I feel there is something I am supposed to do but not sure what it is.
4. It’s difficult for me to relax; I feel like I must do something.
5. There are things I want to do but I am afraid to embark on it.
6. I don’t enjoy what I am doing but I don’t know what else to do.
7. I’ve all the things that are supposed to make me happy but I’m not.
8. I believed I can contribute more than I could do

If you have answered YES to any of this questions, then either consciously or subconsciously you’re searching for your Life’s Purpose, or you haven’t figure out a way to align your Life’s purpose with your ACTION.

What are the motives that makes a person want to do a business ?

Make an idea happen
Develop a hobby
Make more money than before
Freedom to choose approach to work
Be my own boss
Get more respect
Dissatisfied in previous job
Challenge myself
Lead and motivate others
Continue family tradition
Been out of work
Make a lot of money
Follow example of admired mentor
Better position in society
Pursue personal Dream
Change into a Positive Environment

Surveys has shown that almost 80 – 90% of people who started their own businesses actually selected Freedom in approach to work as their most important motive followed closely by Make more money than before.

Why ?

In our society today, many of us are paid a salary to perform a certain role in a company for a period of time. We called it a Job, Employment or Occupation. However, the way things are right now is so much different from the earlier days.

Many soon realize that in order to save cost, these companies make them do more works to justify their salary that they were getting. They perform several tasks or roles in their daily activities so much so that they don’t have any time left for themselves or their families.

Many of these works that they are doing can be very boring, yet many of them keep doing it because they don’t know what else to do.

There are people who works for 10 to 40 years thinking that they have “job security” but is the job really secured ?

Look at recent events in the world, we can see or hear news of :

1. Companies going bankrupt without much warning,
2. Companies axing workers worldwide to save cost,
3. Tension between citizens and government,
4. Real Estate is not as promising as before,
5. Stock market is in a roller-coastal and many more.

The repercussion effect on these people, who are trading time for money, is so bad that it affects the country economy as well.

Hi, my name is William, my purpose in starting this Blog to is generate some sort of awareness amongst people whom I knew as well as those whom I am about to know that :

Life is always a struggle but to struggle and knowing what you get in return is better than struggling and not knowing what you get out of it.

I will endeavor to append as many informative articles on Business related issue, opportunities or discussion so that it can helps us directly or indirectly to improve our knowledge or our live.

I encourage anyone, who is reading this Blog, to participate in this program should you find it interesting. Let’s do it for the sake of ourselves or our family.

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