Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Must I do Now ?

With non-stop bad news coming from all the media that you can think of during the past few days, it clearly tells you that whatever income you are generating from a single source can be easily compromised.

For instance, if I am working for a huge company that was already in the news about its financial situation then I would be very worried about what must I do next. You cannot possibly be always "hoping" that everything will be fine. Look at Lehman Brother which has collapse, who would expect it to happen so suddenly ?

As the world financial woes takes root, more companies will find ways to enlighten their financial burden as such they will off-load those people who are considered "redundant" and "non-profitable" to the company. Its like in the old days, when a ship is encountering a very serious storm and in order not get sunk, they start to throw away those least important inventories so as to lighten the load of the ship.

What's make you so sure you are not the next person ? We must not delude ourselves that the situation will be better in the short term as no one can predict what is happening right now. Instead, I will look for an alternative way of making money so that I will not be caught in a dead end situation.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for the grabbing. Take up those jobs that the government claims we do not want, or we can identify what strong niche we have and offer it to those in need of that service, or we can start a small and simple business that does not need a high overhead to begin with. Most important of all, we must be willing to ask around for these opportunities and when you have it, you must be willing to learn.

The only way to become what you want to become is to DO IT and to take consistent action on your hopes, goals, dreams and desires. Inaction is what keeps you stuck in where you are. So, learn to raise yourself from Inaction to In Action !

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