Monday, November 24, 2008

Do You Plan For An Alternative Income ?

With the economic crisis looking gloomier day by day, there is a tendency for us to take things easy by spending lesser for our shopping, traveling and other activities that requires money. It is still bearable if you know that your job is still intact for the time being but there are some of these people out there who may not even understand the signal that the market place or work place has put in place that clearly indicate that they will lose their jobs in the near future.

With AIG almost going "broke" , there are many insurance agents out there who does not look worried or think that they will be the next victim just like their "Lehman" counterpart, partly because the Authority here says that it will not affect them. My question is how can they be so sure about this news ?

3 Months ago, if you tell a "Lehman" employee that their company may go bust, I will bet you to my last dollar that they will roll on the floor laughing because their July Financial Report was excellent. But what happen after that ? It just go bankrupt overnight !

In this uncertain time and economic condition, no one can predict when will these "recession" be over, as a matter of fact, has it started yet ? Like it or not, people are still doing what they are supposed to do as long as they feel its justifiable for them. And it is also at this point in time, there will be people who come to their sense and start to look for an alternative income just in case they lose the one they are holding on now.

Instead of spending time worrying what will come next, why not indulge in activity where you can upgrade your knowledge such as reading motivational books, attending courses or seminar pertaining to a specific trade or even embark on a new business venture. All these undertakings, if taken seriously, will make you a better person and it will be a greater advantage to you when the good times come again.

Allowing yourself to plan or look for alternative income shows that you are mentally prepared to start something new that might eventually become the main income earner for your family. You never know until you try. However, there will also be those who hope that tomorrow will be a better day, but that tomorrow may never comes.

"The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be
paid for more than he does."

- Napoleon Hill

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