Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Who To Blame When Your Business Is Not Growing ?

I have been very busy the past weeks with endless reading and searching the web for more answer on "How To Become Successful Using The Internet ?", I have even spent close to S$500 on eBooks by "Guru's" of the Internet Marketing arena and my conclusion is this :

Knowing the Tips / Tricks of doing the Business does not help me unless I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !

With the huge amount of information I am absorbing lately I am very certain that I am having Information overflow and eventually I am at the starting point of knowing what I wanted to do but at least, I have NEW knowledge on What Internet Marketing is.

My knowledge comes in all forms : eBooks, Forums, Websites, Articles in Ezine etc and there are some webmasters out there who are even answering your questions for free. We should be glad that these people are giving us information that cuts down our time in exploring on how the business can be done.

As a result of this kind of treatment, I realized that I also want to be helpful in my Internet Marketing endeavor so that others will benefit from visiting my website in the near future. However an incident on my newly trusted mentor website reminds me that while we can do our best to please everyone BUT not everyone who has visited your site will reciprocate positively. This is what happens :

A visitor has visited and and must have try and tested some of the Tips that this websmaster, Miss Lisa, had provided in its articles and contents. However, his website is not performing up to his expectation and he blames Miss Lisa and calling her website a BUNK, which is very unfounded. I also found out through her comment that this Visitor did not even write to her with his problems or to get any form of consultation prior to his outburst on the Comment Page and this pretty upset the sweet lady who has been helping others in this area of business for almost 10 years.

What I know is that there are many such pessimistic people out there who do not know how to take defeat or setbacks gracefully and finger-pointing on others to blame for their misadventure. These type of people will never know how to please someone because they don't know how to please themselves !

I am also convinced that there are many helpful people such as Miss Lisa out there who sincerely want to help those in need of help on subject such as Website Creation, Writing Articles and Affiliate Marketing so that they can make some money in the near future. These helpful Samaritans believe in one principle, in my humble opinion, that by helping others they will be help in time to come. Another trait is that they have a kind heart and is willing to give back to society.

So, do not blame others whenever your business is not growing, search for the answer in the web and you might just find an Angel out there who is very much willing to help you out.

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