Monday, September 29, 2008

What is money and how it is being created ?

With all this turmoil and confusion that the financial world is going through, I am always bewildered by the fact that a huge business entity such as Lehman Brothers can go bankrupt overnight followed by AIG who is also in trouble.

As I am not a financial man, I really have no idea where has all the money gone to. Who is raking up all these money ? How did the US government comes up with the $700 billion to buy back the debts ? etc

However, I came across a video by Paul Grignon which is very interesting for ANYONE who might be interested to know what is money and how it is being created ? It communicates an exceedingly complex subject in simple terms for everyday people using animation to bring the big picture across.

I hope it is entertaining enough for you to understand about why the bankers are so rich and how you could protect your money from now on.

Wait 15s for the video to commence. Although the whole explanation of "Money as Debt" is about 47 minute but I have learn much about money to understand the danger we are going through today. I hope it educate you too.

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