Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fraud That You Must Know !

In a time like this when people are desperately looking for alternatives to making extra money, they will hop on to any wagon that promises a handsome returns. Especially when they venture into the Internet world of affiliate marketing.

What these unsuspecting money seekers commonly does is to enter the word "make money" into the Google or Yahoo Search Engine and they will find millions of websites out there screaming back at them to join their program.

Naturally, they will explore the First available page with links to the "successful" website that is available and start exploring their webpages. Usually these website are so professionally designed that they captivate the attention of the seekers. Some of these lures are so fantastic that they really makes the seekers to part with their money to join the program.

Most of these Long Sales Letter are displayed to impress the seekers into believing that the program works and that there are many testimonials ( some are fake actually ! ) about the services or products and that you are SOOOOO LUCKY to stumble onto their page because of some promotion that is going on which makes the commitment very cheap to invest.

Many of these Sales Letter claims that they are making thousands of dollars daily and that they are actually millionaire already ! See the following to see if its a fraud or not :


Much as we would like to make good money in everything we do, we also must be logical enough to detect whether a business proposal is believable. There is a saying that "If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is !" and this must always be at the back of your mind whenever you hunt for something in the web.

I am not saying that all those programs out there are out to cheat your money but there are really plenty of them that does. To be well-informed in your decision to identify your niche, you must read, read and read many articles, forum comments or compare similar type industries website so that your chances of getting "conned" is at its minimal.

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William Siong

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