Friday, November 7, 2008

"No Time" or Too Lazy To Make Money

When I present opportunity to people who are searching for means to make extra money, the instant reply I always get is "I have no time !" or "My children are young" or "I will look into it when I am ready" Are these truly a legitimate reasons ?

Let’s face it. Network Marketing, Internet Marketing or Any Money Making Opportunities are not for everyone. You have to enjoy being out here and learning the ropes (learn how to find your customers, rope in a few downlines, or how to get ranked in Google, partner with other sites, writing content, etc.) If you don’t, this journey will be more like a job.

Most of these successful businessmen I know never felt that what they are doing are like Works and I believe that’s why I am putting real effort into it to become one of them. Unfortunately, though, when people hear stories of successful business owner earning five to six figures per year, they think all they have to do is join the business or build a site and they’ll get the same result.

If it were really that easy, we’d all have five to six figure income now wouldn’t we?

People often want instant gratification with little work and when they don’t succeed, they place the blame on everyone, system or business when 9 times out of 10, the only person to blame is themselves.

Yes, there are some of them who make a lot of money out here, but they worked hard for it. Some of them had started their business for 2 to 5 years and there were times in the beginning when they only made about $15 per month. But they never gave up. Yes, they've failed many times along the way but they improved their business from the mistake learnt in the process.

Mistakes are OK, but Laziness is not. I have people who want to make extra money for themselves but can only devote a small hour per week to do the business. If you’re just starting out, you have to devote much more time to get it started right. If you can’t, then your results will mirror your efforts.

Bottom line…

If you are looking for a free lunch or looking to get rich overnight, then doing business is not for you. It's better off working for a Salary that will tie you down for a long period of time with no certainty.

Look around you today ! There is no such thing as a JOB SECURITY anymore. People are getting retrenched for all sorts of reasons that the Company or Bosses can think of.
However, if you want to venture into some form of business then you got to get the butt off the chair and do something!

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